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How to build an effective 340B Data Integration Solutions - Part III

Advertently I made this subject as Part III of building an effective 340B Data Integration Solutions.  Actually I want this subject to be like "Specify the uncommon and unusual on the long tail in Data Integration Journey".   Recently I'm focusing on my writing efforts which is very specific to data integration and you know that its my niche. Writing on what I know has a profound impact on how accurately I can able to reach my audience. Especially the Individuals from Health care sector are the most suited to receive my message because my audience should be motivated and they should know more about this expertise.

There will be issues associated with Data Quality during the 340B automation journey.  for e.g. while loading your prescriber repository into your database, you must be validating if they belong to 340B_ID that you represent. You will be building a lookup process and match the 340B_ID before you load them into your master database. The unmatched data would be loaded into the reject table.  This is the most important lookup process that every customer would do, but there might be other validation processes as well.  Similar to Prescriber,  you will perform the validation for PAYER, DRUG, FEE, PATIENTS, CONTROLS etc., 

Assuming that you performed all validation before dumping this data into your master repository, you need to dump the master claims into your invoicing process and you will be performing tons of validation process. You know in Health Care, we spend our life in data validation and making sure that no prescriber or no patient data is missed or affected.  Post validation process would yield cleaner Invoicing reports, Replenishment order report, Inventory Management Report, Back Order Report, Purchase Order etc., After you have everything in place,  quality control mindset will not leave you in peace. You will be forced to perform a data comparison process by matching the data through an eye ball testing. If the data matches cent to cent, you will be relaxed and promply dispatch the reports to the vendors, prescribers or 340B contracting agencies. However if the records are missing or $$ amount not matching,  you will be in a big trouble. 

We spend most of the time in doing the data validation than generating the invoices.  Especially during the peak summer, the medical expenditures are naturally higher as per statistics. Hence you will end up receiving more records.  Hence the time to perform the validation would be higher and that brings you a huge fatigue.  

We have gone through similar phases with a few customers. Finally we decided to build an automated validation process (AVP Project). The process is very simple that basically it compares the source data with the output or target data through a few SQL statements and generate the results by exactly locating the data that caused the mismatch.  This process brings a huge relief for the customer and drastically improved the productivity. 

Honestly, customers spend thousands of hours in building the 340B Invoice Generation process but automating the validation process requires much lesser hours.  Keep in mind having an automated 340B validation process would bring a huge value to your Process, Project and People. At RCTECH, we help our customers not only building a 340B Invoice generation but also deliver the automated validation process at your door step.

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Wednesday, 28 October 2020
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