Automated Medication Dispensing System – Installation Process

Installing AMDS into any PC or a Mac takes less than a minute. Lets take a look at a quick review.

Excelsior Installer

    1. To install the application, click on the installable file (AMDS.exe). User will to see the following screen

RCTECH AMDS_Installation_process_Step1

    1. Click on NEXT on ‘welcome to Excelsior Installed for AMDS 1.0’, user will be able to see the ‘destination folder’ where AMDS application will be installed. Default folder path is provided, though user can change the destination folder by browsing it. (Recommendation is not to change the destination folder) Note: If user changes the destination folder, wherever the user wishes to install the application, please make sure to make that folder writable after the installation is complete. User can make the folder writable by right clicking on folder, selecting ‘Properties’ and unselecting the ‘read only’ flag. In case user encounters any issue on launching the application, please see troubleshooting section.

RCTECH AMDS_Installation_process_Step2

    1. Click on NEXT on ‘destination folder’ screen and user will be shown ‘program folder’

RCTECH AMDS_Installation_process_Step3

    1. Select the checkbox for Desktop in case a shortcut is required on desktop and click NEXT

RCTECH AMDS_Installation_process_Step4

    1. User will be shown installation pop up. Click on INSTALL

RCTECH AMDS_Installation_process_Step5

    1. Installation is completed successfully.

RCTECH AMDS_Installation_process_Step6

    1. Click FINISH.
  1. TO launch the application, go to ‘Start menu’, select ‘All Programs’, select ‘RCTECH Labelling Software’ and Click on AMDS.xlsm Or Click on the application shortcut icon at the desktop.