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Data Integration-Benefits & Business Values

RCTECH Solutions Inc is an award winning Global IT consultancy and a software development company located in Weston, Florida, USA. We enable customers to stay a few steps ahead of emerging business trends and outperform the competition.




Data Integration

  • Increase the value of Business Practise
  • Business Intelligence(BI) & Data Warehousing(DW)
  • 360-degree views of business entities
  • Real-time information delivery
  • Business Integration. Integrating diverse business and their
    process through shared data requires a data integration solution.

Data Warehouse

  • Single common data model
  • Governed data discovery
  • Integrate data from multiple source systems
  • Congregate data from multiple sources
  • Improve data quality
  • Maintain data history
  • Optimized data model for query and analysis
  • Independent security model

Master Data Management

  • Redundancy Elimination
  • Useful and Effective Data Analysis
  • Data Consistency
  • All customer information mastered to provide360 degree view
    of the customer/patient etc.,
  • Improved customer service or customer satisfaction
  • Improved Compliance & Decision making on trusted data


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