Custom Medical Website Design


What makes us different? It's simple, but solid.

The idea is very clear– to build your patient base by driving traffic to your website and providing the great
user experience so they take necessary action. There's a lot that goes into creating a custom, visually pleasing and easy-to-navigate health care
website including:

  • site architecture
  • content
  • imagery
  • call-to-action
  • design
  • programming

We're here to help. We specialize in unique, engaging medical website design for physician practices and health care organizations that include:

  • Custom medical website design & development - a unique design that is only yours
  • An Onsite coordinator with expert knowledge in both medical and web designing.
  • Discovery & benchmarking session
  • Website plan and site map
  • Website content
  • Content management & ongoing support
  • Website hosting
  • Website statistics

Website Planning

Our Road map is based on your requirement and our creativity. Our planning process typically involves working with clients throughout the planning process
and can include the following:

  • Content inventory
  • Requirements gathering - functional, infrastructure, and usability evaluation of your current website
  • Site benchmarking analysis
  • Detailed site map and plan
  • Keyword research
  • Implementation plan and associated timelines
  • Internal web policy development and review
  • Budget to identify initial capital and operating costs, as well as expected ROI

Website Enhancements

We tailor your website project around your specific requirements. Any of our website features can be easily added either initially, or at any point in the future.

  • Health Care Content. Easily enhance the content on your site with hosted content, interactive patient education tutorials and videos. Looking to develop
    your own content? Our experienced medical writers can help, ensuring that it's easily understood by your visitors as well as optimized for search engines.
  • E-Signature Forms. Our e-Signature provide a secure alternative for providers to document health history, complete documentation and communicate
    on-line with patients while protecting health information as required by HIPAA/HITECH.
  • Content Management. All of our tools are web-based and backed with ongoing support. Our online provider location directory makes it easily to manage
    that aspect of your website.
  • Video & Multimedia. Creatively get your message across. Our multimedia services allow you to add interactive patient education materials, video, web
    based training and much more.
  • Animation. Add a touch of motion to any static site whether its for simple image rotation, patient education tutorials, product demos or interactive tours.
    By using jQuery over Flash, your animations render on mobile devices.
  • Other Interactive Features. From a practice mailing list, to online job, news and events manager, patient satisfaction surveymedical blog and more,
    there are many options to make your site more interactive.

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