Fully Automated 340B Solutions Cloud 340B addresses major challenges in providing accurate & on-time 340B invoices, tracking inventory across multiple procurement platforms and identifying pricing discrepancies. We deliver hand-in-glove cloud based 340B automation solution that help our customers save time and money

Streamlines 340B program for

  1. Covered Entities
  2. Contract Pharmacies
  3. Specialty Pharmacies

Cloud 340B Benefits

Many More……

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RCTECH Cloud 340B software helps 340B Covered Entities and Contract Pharmacies in efficiently managing the 340B program by onboarding new covered entities and its users in minutes, locating and addressing pricing discrepancies, providing detailed eligibility checks, effectively managing procurement and inventory, publishing monthly invoices and dashboards for every Covered Entity for an automated decision processes, deducting the NDC cost and deliver 100% HRSA compliance reports.