Automated Medication Dispensing System – Functional Use

Using AMDS, you can generate multidimensional reports and schedule for automatic delivery to your inbox.

AMDS Generate Reports

    1. ‘Generate report’ screen can be accessed through the ‘generate report’ button on bottom bar at any screen. Report can be generated based on the two parameters: Number of latest transactions and date range. If report needs to be generated based on the latest transactions, user can select number form the dropdown (Image 15). If user selects to generate report based on the date range, user needs to select the start date and the end of the date range (Image 16). When user clicks on generate button, user is asked to navigate to a location where report needs to be saved. Report is saved in excel format. In case user cancels to save the report, application shows user the confirmation message which says ‘user cancels the operation (Image 17) Reset button clears out all the data.

RCTECH AMDS Generate Reports

RCTECH AMDS Generate Multidimensional Reports

RCTECH AMDS Generate Reports