Automated Medication Dispensing System – Functional Use

Before launching the application, all excel files must be closed. AMDS functionalities are based on following four screens:

AMDS Home Screen

    1. Home screen provides the functionality of entering patient’s, medication and physician details to generate medication labels. There are majorly three search functionalities, Patient search, medication search and Physician search. Patient can be searched with the last name in existing database. User can either select a last name from dropdown (Image2) or search it by entering the last name in the field. On pressing tab, user will be shown all the matching results (Image 3). User can select one of the matching results by double clicking on the row. All the patient details (patient name, date of birth, Address, Contact number) will be populated in the designated fields (Image 4).


RCTECH AMDS Prescription Label Generate Screen

RCTECH AMDS How to select Patient in Home Screen

    1. If there is no matching result found in database based on the input keywords, user will get the indication to add the patient first (Image 5). For adding patient, user needs to navigate to the ‘Add Patient’ screen using the buttons provided in the bottom bar.

RCTECH AMDS Home Screen NO Patient Error Message

    1. Rx number can be filled either by scanning the prescription barcode or entering it manually and details will be filled automatically on pressing TAB (Image 6). In case the details of prescription do not get populated on pressing Tab/Enter, user is shown a notification that prescription is not found. In this case user needs to add the prescription through ‘Add prescription’ screen which can be accessed via the button provided at the bottom bar.

RCTECH AMDS How to Select a prescription

    1. Below Image shows on how to select a physician who prescribed the medication to the patient

RCTECH AMDS Home Screen how to select a physician screen

    1. Once all the details are filled and saved, User will be shown a confirmation message that details are saved and medical tag is generated (Image 8). User will be shown the medication label in PDF format (Image 9). Navigation buttons to ‘Add Physician’, ‘Add Patient’, ‘Add Medication’, ‘Generate Report’ and ‘Logout’ are available at the bottom bar.

RCTECH AMDS Home Screen show prescription label message

RCTECH AMDS sample label

  1. The above steps complete the prescription label generation